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should look almost like a serial car with a few unsophisticated processing, as has already been said – wheels, exhaust system, suspension, lights, transparencies, or possibly a small spoiler lip that does not substantially modifies the serial appearance of the car. It evaluates the color and the overall impression that leaves car (incorporation of additives and other parts of the exterior of the complete set)
may be serial with some possible changes eg HU. The judges will pay particular attention to timeliness, condition and cleanliness of the interior of the car and also the additional equipment that owns the vehicle.
Engine compartment:
must be clean and neat, tidy installations etc. And it will be evaluated. On the engine are not permitted any type of tuning technical processing, are permissible only visual processing type coloring plastics.
Luggage space:
It must also be neat and clean, it does not need any special speakers and processing. Regularity in the first place.
Street style:
In this class, it is important to have a larger number of processing by the owner to present to judges and to draw attention to them. Judges entered all the processing and on the basis that give the assessment, but with the proviso that the main focus is placed on the accuracy and quality of answers. These processing relating to exterijer, interior, engine and luggage space. All this should give harmony and will look at the overall circuit, and how one follows the other, and on that basis for estimating the overall impression. So be evaluated as follows:
certain processing on the fenders and associated bodykit befitting appearance of the car but are not the showy, also less processing on the chassis that are not too expressive. In addition evaluates the color, wheels, suspension, braking system, lighting group, foil, and some additional details that are on the exterior of a
presented by the owner, etc.
important is the overall impression and compliance of all inside the car. First of all, it is estimated timeliness and quality of answers. (Plate from another car or lined original panel, tapacirungs, the door panels of speakers, seat of the other car or coated original seats, monitors,
additional lighting, HU, steering wheel, shift knob etc.).
Engine compartment:
assesses the overall appearance of the engine compartment of cleanliness and neatness to the processing engine or other engine replacement engine. Engine room should be and that is stylish, it is possible and is a painting of some parts.
Luggage space:
evaluate the orderliness, additional boxes and modifications around the box and speaker arrangement of cables and additional lighting in the luggage compartment.
Extreme style:
In this class of car should have as much processing, finishing and accessories. Assess all types of processing that present owner, provided that the maximum quality of completed watches. It is important that the processing be as conspicuous and to deviate from the original, and that is on the car as much altered from the original layout. So be evaluated as follows:
evaluate the processing and bumper bodykit that does not look like serial, processing chassis, wheels, suspension, Lights, neon, film, color, quality and overall visual impression and the incorporation of all exterior etc.
watch all the processing in the interior on each part of the interior and which should be more. Therefore, control panel, watches (plasma or custom made), tapacirungs at the door, the roof upholstery, seats, steering wheel, gear lever, HU, additional details (additional monitors, additional lessons in the interior) Accessory in the car, etc.
Engine compartment:
assesses the timeliness and quality of processing or finishing in the engine compartment. Engine parts should be modified or replaced with more attractive engine model (if the owner is so judged), and the appearance motornornog space in line with the rest of the car. Engine parts can be painted, have a chrome detail, cables and hoses neatly into the same space.
Luggage space:
evaluate all processing in the luggage compartment. This includes modifications to the entire cargo space and the “custom made” making boxes or panels for speakers and amplifiers, monitors, adding lighting and so on. Also important is the quality of your answers and general visual impression.
JDM style:
In this category are evaluated Japanese vehicles arranged in JDM mood. Japanese cars refurbished for street racing with slightly accentuated spoiler, lowered the rims in the edge sharper but smooth ride. If the car is still not complete, ie if the owner believes that the car is not totally in that style, in consultation with the judges can choose the lower class types beginner or style, depending on how many modifications have been done to yourself.
German style:
In this category are evaluated vehicles predominantly German production and the most important thing is that the vehicle is visually as similar factory variants stim to be as low as possible, given the gevinde or air pillows. It is also important to have as wide wheels as close to the edge, of course, a well-known manufacturer. Rating is higher if the rim harder to find in the market and if they are unique in their own way. In any case, a clearly defined class of which there is no need to explain much.
RAT style:
Another popular style is not so much for us, but the desire for the same occurs in a growing number of competitors, ie the owner of the car. Rat style can be applied to almost any type of car, and the main feature of this style is that the car looks like it’s rusty and unusable. Type rusty bonnet or a wing, Steelers, shabby interior.
Italian style:
In this category are evaluated vehicles of a type of Italian Fiat, Alfa Romeo with the performed styling details that are provided for those cars stim that if the owner of your vehicle is modified at a higher level, in consultation with the judges can choose whether to stay in or Italian class will go in such street or extreme.
National class:
I hope they do not have to explain much but here In short, fall into this category, ie domestic Zastava vehicle type Fico, Stojadin. What significantly increases the evaluation of the maximum utilization of the original parts intended for Fiat’s car, also inserted more powerful engines designed for Lancia or similar models.
• Scoring is done by giving points of the jury in the following range:
– From 0 to 25 for the appearance of the exterior,
– From 0 to 15 for the layout of the interior,
– From 0 to 20 for the layout of audio / video systems.
– From 0 to 10 for the engine compartment.
• Assessment of competitive cars is done by giving points by the jury as follows:
Exterior (max. 25 points)
Scoring is divided into five categories and each category is evaluated from 0 to 5.
1. Car Paint (attractiveness of colors, airbrush-a)
2 wheels (alloy wheels, Profile and physical condition)
3. Spoilers (front, rear, side, roof and trunk spoilers …)
4. Modified details (Led, neon, lights, brake lights, turn signals, mirrors, glass ..)
5. The overall visual impression
Interior (max. 15 points)
Scoring is divided into three categories and each is evaluated from 0 to 5.
1. The appearance and quality of the changed elements
2. Modified details (neon, chrome or painted details …)
3. The overall visual impression
Audio-video system (max. 20 points)
Scoring is divided into four categories and each is evaluated from 0 to 5.
1. The incorporation of the installation, the complexity and quality of the cables.
2. Amendment of factory speakers, panel doors processing and sides of the vehicle.
3. Quality woofers and amplifiers, their incorporation into the interior.
4. Installing a DVD player, LCD screens, game consoles
Engine compartment (max. 10 points)
Scoring is divided into two categories, and each category is evaluated from 0 to 5.
1. Level of arrangement or hygiene engines.
2. The attractiveness of the engine compartment (painted, chrome and other details …)
NOTE: Each class (Beginer, Street, etc.) will be evaluated in the same way but each will have a separate class that is a separate form, which means that the vehicle relative to the class classed in separate forms, so as to prevent the possibility of errors, the same results or wrong classified car. So the cars will be divided, “every car in its class and this class special form”. Each car is a larger number of points races for the first three places in its class.
During the assessment will not directly give NEGATVNE points but will be if a part is not completed, or motor proctor is not washed it will give you minus to score one point.
• Evaluation and assessment of the competition jury of cars recorded on the appropriate form and submit
the President of the Commission. President of the Commission assessment and adds a final result.
• In the event that the competitors have the same number of points, a better result is achieved that a competitor which
more judges gave higher ratings.
• Each athlete is required to sign the final form. This shows that he is familiar with
Commission’s assessment.
• Upon completion of the assessment, the Commission is required to meet without the influence and intervention of other
Opinions declare the winners in the categories.
• Form the unanimous decision, certified handwritten signatures of members of the
assessment, submitted to the President of the Jury.
A.M.K. “North Side Team” Subotica

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